Finding Cooking Inspiration

| 12/17/2015 9:25:00 AM

Faithful HomesteaderFor most of my adult life, I have not been inspired to cook, but after I was married, I found my cooking inspiration. My husband was already a good cook, but I did not have much experience. Boiling spaghetti and warming up a jar of sauce was cooking for me. I also loved to make some box mac and cheese on occasion. But really fast food and frozen meals were what I lived on for much of my life. Not long after I was married, I started to become inspired to cook and I started on a fun journey.

Spices are key in cooking.

Cooking Inspiration from My Husband

The main reason that I started to cook more was that my husband was the only breadwinner. I knew it was only right for me to provide a good meal for him after a long day of work. This change led me on an exciting journey in cooking. Since my husband is a good cook, I wanted to make food that could be comparable to what he would make for me. I no longer used jar spaghetti sauce and instead started to experiment with homemade sauce. It makes me happy to make a meal that my husband loves. It gives me great satisfaction. I also like to use fresh ingredients from our garden.

Cooking Inspiration from the Food Network

Not long after I was married, I started watching cooking shows. The first show that I started to watch regularly was the Food Network show "Chopped." I was interested in this competition that had four chefs competing to complete a three-course meal. I was intrigued to watch how the competitors used secret ingredients in unique ways. I found more cooking inspiration from this show and eventually started watching other shows. The more I watched, the more inspired I was to experiment with new ingredients and new foods.