Menus: The Farmhouse Dinner

Prepare a simple and elegant farmhouse dinner for family and friends with one of these menus.

| December 2012

  • butter
    Making butter is simple and the result is unmatched.
    Photo By Africa Studio/Fotolia
  • Rabbit Sausage Recipe
    Fresh lemon and a slice of cheese on top of rabbit sausage, arugula and noodles creates a classic Italian home-cooked meal.
    Karen Keb
  • Gebraden Kip
    A roast chicken is the star dish of the farmhouse dinner.
    Photo By Lori Dunn
  • Basic White Bread
    Once you bake your first batch of homemade bread, there's no going back.
    Photo By Karen Keb
  • Best Pecan Pie 2
    Your search for the best pecan pie recipe is over.
    Photo By MSPhotographic/Fotolia

  • butter
  • Rabbit Sausage Recipe
  • Gebraden Kip
  • Basic White Bread
  • Best Pecan Pie 2

A farmhouse dinner is simple and elegant. The flavors reflect the local region, and the dishes celebrate the current season. For winter this means roast chicken with warm herbs, simple pasta with rabbit sausage, lemon and cheese, slow-roasted root vegetables with good-quality olive oil and fresh garlic, fresh-baked crusty bread topped with homemade butter, and a warm pecan pie or chocolate torte. Gather your family and friends around the table for a meal that is sure to inspire heartwarming stories and a hearty dose of laughter to warm up the coldest of days.


Homemade Vegetable Soup  

Italian Pasta with Rabbit Sausage     

Zucchini and Onions  

Fresh-Baked Rye Bread  

Warm Chocolate Honey Torte  

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