Cream of Asparagus Soup

| 6/2/2013 10:19:03 PM

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Cream of Asparagus Soup 

I’ve carried on before about my love of asparagus but this relationship just gets better all the time. 

Strangely, I’ve never made homemade asparagus soup until this spring. Perhaps I don’t have the patience when I know it can be steamed or blanched in a couple of minutes and ready to eat. 

Even more odd, this recipe came about when I was trying to make a healthy breakfast smoothie. I’d found two similar recipes for a healthy breakfast smoothie that were similar--one from ever-young Martha Stewart, and the other from ever-healthy Dr. Oz. The recipes were very much alike, with names like “Green Drink” or “Green Juice,” and started with two cups of chopped fresh spinach. 

I love spinach almost as much as asparagus, so I thought this green drink would be a much healthier alternative than my usual breakfast--black coffee and a Kellogg’s Pop-Tart (hey, I’m entitled to feel like a 12-year-old at breakfast, at least). 

Unfortunately, both versions of the green drink--even with their sweetening additives like minced fresh ginger or honey--tasted like a glass of wet, freshly-mowed grass. So I thought about converting that recipe to a hot soup. Then, the lure of my lover, asparagus, beckoning, I thought, why use spinach? 

susan magill
6/12/2013 12:36:01 AM

Just wonder if I can freeze this well?

nebraska dave
6/10/2013 9:56:36 PM

Chuck, yea!! One step at a time.

chuck mallory
6/6/2013 12:35:11 PM

@NebraskaDave I did move to the burbs, so I at least have the garden(s) I want and am doing "edible landscaping" (cherry tree, blueberry & raspberry bushes). The next step will be the actual country!

nebraska dave
6/3/2013 3:45:31 PM

Chuck, glad to see you back with another tasty recipe. I do like asparagus but like you I've never had it with anything other than hollandaise sauce. Your soup recipe looks like just the thing for something different. Since I just purchased the "Nutri Bullet", I'm anxious to try out some healthy recipes. Not only have you given me a great recipe but also a couple resources to check out. Thanks for the information. Have a great Chicago day. Oh, yeah, any closer to your dream of getting back to the country?

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