Chili in a Hurry

| 10/19/2012 11:01:57 AM

As the weather cools down, we love to have chili for dinner.  We love all varieties but this one, though simple and easy, always seems to taste the best.

A delicious bowl of chili 


1 pound ground beef

1 medium onion- diced

1 tbsp cumin

10/20/2012 2:49:57 AM

Melissa, I love fall weather because it just makes soup taste better. We just came through a couple days of blustery fall weather. It just doesn't get any better to come in out of the rainy windy chilly fall weather and be able to sit down to steaming bowl of soup. I do love a good bowl of chili. I see you like to compliment the chili with a bit of crusty bread as well. I do that too. It looks so easy even a bachelor can make it. :0) Have a great chili day.