Grown-Up Candied Carrots

| 6/3/2010 1:24:08 PM

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A photo of Chuck MalloryRemember the candied carrots of our childhood? If you are like me, it was an array of carrots and marshmallows baked in a pan. It was sugary-sweet, and I'm sure my dentist was somewhere cackling with glee everytime I ate it. One of my grandmothers used corn syrup AND marshmallows, and no sane kid could avoid that. It was better than a Hollywood bar, the sweetest candy bar I can remember.

Time for a grown-up version of candied carrots. If you are wondering what "orange blossom honey" is, it's honey created by bees that only swarm orange trees. You can order it online; just Google "Orange Blossom Honey." You can substitute other honey, but this particular type gives it a great flavor. Kids will still like it – they can save the marshmallows for dessert.

Candied carrots without marshmallows? How is that possible?

Grown-Up Candied Carrots

2/3 cup orange blossom honey
2 teaspoons coarse salt
2 pounds carrots, peeled and cut bite-sized on the bias
2 tablespoons cumin seed
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Bring 1/2 cup water to a boil in a saucepan. Add honey, salt, and then stir. Add carrots. Cook on medium heat for several minutes, stirring occasionally, until the liquid has mostly evaporated and the carrots are tender. Turn off heat.

Add cumin, olive oil, and lemon juice and stir. About 4 servings.

Chuck Mallory
6/9/2010 8:44:35 PM

@Shannon: I would love to help you with turnips, but honestly, I've never found anything that makes them taste good! Sorry all you turnip lovers. I have tried sweet and savory blends on them and nothing works for me. So I use celeraic, parsnips and other root veggies--and skip the turnips. @NebraskaDave: I am surprised to hear that, but I think the candied carrots of my childhood might be a Ky./Tenn. thing--where my people originally came from. I thought everyone in Mo./Ks. ate them growing up but maybe not. Thanks for your nice words! I also love sweet potatoes so you are bound to see something in my blog about that.

Nebraska Dave
6/5/2010 11:35:02 PM

Chuck, I don’t think I’ve ever had candied carrots. Now candied sweet potatoes, haaaww, that’s what I’m talking about. No Thanksgiving dinner happens in our family without them. I’m just a plain guy and eat my carrots straight up raw in a salad. It can’t get any better than that. Although I eat most anything set before me. I’m not a finicky eater but just like plain stuff. I guess maybe I would describe my eating habits some what boring. I expect to spice that up a little by reading your blog posts here on Grit. I do have a recipe folder of recipes from Grit blog posts and you are now officially in it.. I look forward to the next interesting recipe.

S.M.R. Saia
6/5/2010 5:22:11 AM

Sounds delicious! Honey and cumin is not something that I would have thought to put together, but I would certainly give this a shot. Do you happen to know any great preparations for turnips?

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