Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Garden Harvesting and Winter Preparation

By Nebraska Dave

This post is about the last of the garden harvest, and preparing the raised beds for winter.

Garden summary

By Nebraska Dave

A summary of gardening for 2017 and my trip to Houston.

Saving Seed

By Lois Hoffman

Long after the garden and flowers have given all they have, you can still reap their benefits by saving your own seed for next year.

Why Save Seeds?

By Cindy Conner

Instead of turning to big seed companies, learn about all the benefits that come with saving your own seeds.


Tap Into Your Local Extension Services

By Dale and Darcy Cahill

Learn how to better utilize your local extension services and get answers to your agriculture questions, from pest management to health and nutrition.

Lifestyle Farming Conference

By the GRIT staff

Learn valuable farming and homesteading skills.

Finding A Better Way Update

By Lois Hoffman

This has been my summer of rebellion — in weed control. I just think there is a better way of controlling weeds and insects than using all the chemicals. These are my results.

Growing Hibiscus

By Faithful Homesteader

After waiting all summer, we are finally seeing flowers on our hibiscus plant. We are looking forward to making our own tea.