Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

To Mow or not to Mow?

By Jennifer Quinn

As an organic gardener, I’m often in a state of conflict about mowing. It provides a good source or organic matter and probably helps with weed and pest control. But with all the other work on the homestead, is it really that pressing?

November To-Do Things

By Nebraska Dave

This post is about cleaning garden bed 4, harvesting and eating squash, installing a dishwasher, and preparing to clean out a main line drain.

Homesteading on a Budget: Broke Like Me

By Denise

The beginning of the start of a from-scratch homestead on a tight budget.

Gardening in November 2017

By Nebraska Dave

This post is about continuing fence repair and another garden bed cleanup.


Plant It and They Will Husk

By Lois Hoffman

The Indiana State Corn Husking Contest keeps old farm traditions alive, promotes family fun, and offers a fun way for all ages to "show their stuff!"

Unforeseen Costs

By Jennifer Quinn

A reflection on the unanticipated costs of starting and maintaining a modern homesteading venture.

Unfarmable Land? Not So Fast!

By Megan Wild

Not all land is made the same. Here's what you can do if you find yourself with tough-to-farm land.

An Overlooked Bounty

By Jennifer Quinn

For the first time since moving to Panther's Hollow I collected the black walnuts that fall on the slope behind my house. Now I'm looking forward to the luxury of free walnuts this winter.