Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

GrassWorks Grazing Conference

By the GRIT staff

Get your grass ready for grazing with this sustainability-focused pasture-management conference.

Finding Your New Farm Home

Kirsten Lie-Nielsen

Tips for locating your perfect property in the country.

Cabbage Across the Country

By the GRIT staff

Register your third-grade classroom to receive ‘O.S. Cross’ cabbage plants as part of the Bonnie Plant’s 3rd Grade Cabbage Program.

5 Home Projects to Do Before Winter

By Bobbi Peterson

When the ground freezes and your plants go into dormancy, it’s the perfect time to catch up on home and property repairs.


Harvesting Before the Freeze

By Linda and Burt Crume

Saving garden perishables from the first fall freeze.

Six Ways to Turn Your Black Thumb Into a Green Thumb

By Bobbi Peterson

No one is born with a black thumb. Following these six tips will allow your plants to live, grow and delight you and your family.

What Is Soil Compaction, and Why Do I Need to Do It?

By Megan Wild

Soil that is compacted can be good and bad for your homestead, here's how.

To Mow or not to Mow?

By Jennifer Quinn

As an organic gardener, I’m often in a state of conflict about mowing. It provides a good source or organic matter and probably helps with weed and pest control. But with all the other work on the homestead, is it really that pressing?