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How to Supply Water to an Off-Grid Homestead

By Bobbie Peterson

While it’s not a concern that many people consider, a steady and reliable water supply for your home can become an issue if you live an off-grid lifestyle.

Why I Farm

By Lois Hoffman

Farming has to be one of the most unpredictable occupations. With such odds stacked against them, you wonder why farmers farm.

Seed Growers Conference

By the GRIT staff

Head to Oregon for this biennial event that will focus on advancing organic seed systems.

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference

By the GRIT staff

Get practical tools and solutions for sustainable and organic farming at this annual agriculture conference.


Successful Succession Planting

By Niki Jabbour

Keep the veggies coming year-round with the help of succession planting.

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association Annual Conference

By the GRIT staff

Stay up to date on sustainable farming topics with this annual conference.

How to Start Seeds Indoors

By Patrik Garcia

Get your plants off to a good start with these tips for indoor seed starting.

GrassWorks Grazing Conference

By the GRIT staff

Get your grass ready for grazing with this sustainability-focused pasture-management conference.