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2018 Edible Gardening Trends

By Garden Media Group

A snapshot of the 2018 Garden Trends.

How to Build a Vertical Pallet Garden for Vegetables and Herbs

Secured to a sunny wall, this recycled wooden pallet supports a whole range of edible plants such as herbs, veg, and fruit but it could also be planted with a mix of bright annual flowers and trailing leaves.

Gardening Basics: Watering

by Emily Murphy

Useful tips and techniques for watering gardens.


Native American Gardening: The Three Sisters and More

By William Woys Weaver

Connect to North American heritage by growing these rare vegetable varieties traced back to Native American gardens.

Principles of Good Farming

By Ron Macher

Avoid headaches and heartaches when starting your farm by following these basic guidelines for success.

Finding Morel Mushrooms

By Tradd Cotter

Discover a few tricks to help you hunt the elusive morel mushroom — or just grow your own!

Composting With Care

By Andrew Weidman

Safe composting practices can keep your garden free of harmful herbicides.