Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Seed Starting and Soil Amendments

By Jennifer Quinn

A new approach to seed starting — plus discovering some useful inputs — should lead to better results in the garden this year.

Repurposed Toboggan Used to Plant Big Garden

Courtesy of our friends at FARM SHOW

This New York gardener found a creative way to make gardening easier.

Tree Identification Course

By the GRIT staff

Learn how to identify the trees in your area during this course offered through the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Gardening With Heritage Ducks

By the GRIT staff

Learn how to put ducks to work in your garden with the help of this Seed Savers Exchange workshop.


Conservationist Farmers

By Doug Ottinger

Two Minnesota farmers demonstrate how they revamped their farming methods to work with the land rather than against it.

Creative Container Gardening Ideas

By Jerry Pavia

Add a personal touch to your garden with these unique ideas for container gardening.

Diverse Plants for Ponds or Stormwater Wetlands

By Feidhilm Harty

Learn which plants will grow best near your pond or wetland and how to care for them.

Build Your Own Stone Fire Pit

By Annette McGivney

Follow the directions to build an outdoor fire pit for entertaining in the backyard.