Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Your Piece of Heaven is Worth What it is Worth

By Lois Hoffman

There are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much farm acreage is worth when you are buying or selling.

Spring Garden Preparation

By Faithful Homesteader

Things have been busy on the homestead preparing the spring garden. We are planting a variety of crops and trying a new garden technique.

Yay for Springtime!

By Faithful Homesteader

We are seeing some definite signs of spring on the homestead and it brings much anticipation with it.

Rock Pimples, Earth Wrinkles

By Connie Moore

Sunny winter days are a good time to spot lichens.


How to Plant a Garden Using Jeffersonian Principles

By Andrew Weidman

Use Jefferson’s Monticello gardens as inspiration for planting a garden of your own.

Terra Nova Garden Plans for the New Year

By Nebraska Dave

This is an explanation of the plans for Terra Nova Gardens for the New Year.

Preparing Machines

By Heather Colwell

Winter is a great time to get things in order for spring and summer.

More Efficient Farm Management

By Ben Hartman

Leaning up increases efficiency and also creates a more pleasant farm.