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Four Reasons Not To Homestead

By Alethea Wilcox

Homesteading isn't for everyone (gasp). Why do I say homesteading isn't for everyone? Homesteading involves a lot of things ... goals, hard work, flexibility, determination and a willingness to fail. I picked my top four reasons why NOT to homestead.

Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

By Mary Lou Shaw

Whether in a garden constructed from wooden planks, in a pot in the backyard, or planted directly into a bag of soil, growing herbs and veggies is possible even in a small, personal space.

Grow the Ingredients and Homebrew the Beer

By Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher

If you have a little land or even a sunny porch, you can grow enough of your own hops and herbs to make a real contribution to the flavor, aroma, and uniqueness of your homemade beer recipes.

Homesteaders Food Challenge: Eat Your Yard

By Candi Johns

Join Candi as she eats only foods she raises herself for 101 days.


New Lessons And Old Memories Down On The Farm

By Lois Hoffman

It has been a while since I have had the privilege of actually helping on a farm. This year I was fortunate enough to help Ron when he did spring planting. I was renewed with the beauty and also learned a lesson on regular plowing and no-till.

Trimming The Fat

By Robert Boyles

It can be hard to let go of projects that you have put a lot of time and effort into. Let's talk about how to let go and put yourself in a better position.

Spring Rain and Gardening in North Texas

By Faithful Homesteader

We wanted some good rain for our North Texas garden, but we ended up with too much. We had to take action for one vulnerable part of the garden.

Your Piece of Heaven is Worth What it is Worth

By Lois Hoffman

There are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much farm acreage is worth when you are buying or selling.