Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Lessons in Plant Breeding on the Farm

By GRIT Staff

Learn how to develop and maintain a crop or plant breeding program fit for your farm environment.

Small Business Building Fencings

By Deborah R. Huso

Young farming couple starts a fencing side business to help make ends meet with supplementary income.

Best-Laid Farm Plans

By Hank Will

Hank puts his farm plans into action after a few changes.

Starting From Scratch

By April Freeman

When we first bought our property it was just an over-farmed tobacco field. Now we have a home, orchard, gardens, a few barns, and livestock. Here are a few things we’ve learned about starting a homestead from scratch.


This Life in the Pasture: Balancing our Dream Life with Reality

By Cheryl in Texas

We love our life in our pasture. And we appreciate our jobs in the city that pay for this beloved pasture. But I’ve gotta tell you, it’s not easy to balance the two.

Am I Living The Simple Life?

By Jennifer Quinn

One often hears the back-to-the-earth lifestyle referred to as "the simple life". This writer finds that it’s not so simple, but still worth doing despite the challenges.

Hiding In Plain Sight

By Jennifer Quinn

After bemoaning the lack of a sunny windowsill for seed starting in my new home, I unexpectedly find one hiding in plain sight!

Four Reasons Not To Homestead

By Alethea Wilcox

Homesteading isn't for everyone (gasp). Why do I say homesteading isn't for everyone? Homesteading involves a lot of things ... goals, hard work, flexibility, determination and a willingness to fail. I picked my top four reasons why NOT to homestead.