Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Summer Sucesses

By Nebraska Dave

This post is about the success of the sweet corn fortress; the July garden project; and the prolific tomato harvest.

Beating the Heat

By Carol Tornetta

Beating the heat here on Hard Hill Farm.

Enon Ohio Farmers Market

By Connie Moore

Enjoy a stroll through your local farmer’s market. It can be fun, refreshing and informative.

Good and Bad Season at Capering Pine Farm

By Jean Silver

Kidding season brought our first kid fatality, but the apples are growing well and it's applesauce time.


Lessons in Plant Breeding on the Farm

By GRIT Staff

Learn how to develop and maintain a crop or plant breeding program fit for your farm environment.

Small Business Building Fencings

By Deborah R. Huso

Young farming couple starts a fencing side business to help make ends meet with supplementary income.

Best-Laid Farm Plans

By Hank Will

Hank puts his farm plans into action after a few changes.

Starting From Scratch

By April Freeman

When we first bought our property it was just an over-farmed tobacco field. Now we have a home, orchard, gardens, a few barns, and livestock. Here are a few things we’ve learned about starting a homestead from scratch.