Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Over Already

By Jack Fernard

Another growing season is over far sooner than I would like.

Garden Project 2016 – Part 2

By Allan Douglas

When building a large retaining wall, how do we get corners square?

Embracing Fall on the Homestead

By Faithful Homesteader

I love the cooler temperatures. The fall weather allows me to spend more time with my chickens!

Garden Project 2016 — Part 1

By Allan Douglas

I've begun a major revamping of my garden (again).


Rainwater Harvesting

By David A. Bainbridge

Learn the best methods of collecting, storing and using rainwater.

Urban Grit

By S.M.R. Saia

A photo tour of two unexpected food gardens in downtown Washington D.C.

Small Space Composting, Part 2

By Robyn Dolan

An update on Mrs. D's new small-space composting system, involving 5-gallon buckets and where best to locate them to minimize the odor.

How to Protect Your Farm

By Megan Wild

You make a number of investments on your homestead or farm. Here's how you can protect your family and land.