Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Garden Project 2016 — Part 4

By Allan Douglas

Continuing the timber garden wall, we look at the corners and joinery.

Don't Let Your Garden Sleep This Winter

By Lois Hoffman

Summer comes to a close and fall rolls around, but your garden has a lot of life left in it and can produce some surprising results.

Farm Grants for Sustainable Agriculture

By GRIT staff

See if you qualify for farm grants to support sustainable agriculture research.

Encourage Biodiversity With Ecological Farming

By Ryan Ridgway

Maintain the health of your land for years to come when you think in terms of ecology.


Environmental Health on the Farm

By GRIT staff

Join the Practical Farmers of Iowa for a seminar on environmental health.

Garden Project 2016 — Part 3

By Allan Douglas

The preparation is done. Now we start the work part — digging the timbers into the ground.

Garden 2016: Mistakes and Challenges

By Jennifer Quinn

In my third growing season at Panther's Hollow, I expected my garden to really take off. But this year brought new lessons and challenges.

Growing Mushrooms

By Sweet Summer Farm

We are learning to grow mushrooms at Sweet Summer Farm.