Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Locating Your House and Passive Solar Energy

By Cynthia Brownell

Part three of a series of blogs about setting up your homestead and locating your home. This post looks at the orientation of your home and how it affects your heating and cooling.

Best Practices for Field Drainage

By Megan Wild

If you're looking to improve your crop yield, the first place you should look is your field. Here are some tips to improve field drainage!

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Mary Niehaus Ralles

Growing in the garden, in life, and with my kids as well.

Wildflowers and an Herb Container

By Jennifer Quinn

The ideal spot for my herb container turned out to be right next to the house, where I had planned a strip of perennial wildflowers and grasses.


Rough Fleabane in a Pinch

By Lyssa McKenry

How to use rough fleabane and other spring "weeds" around the home.

8 Tips for Leasing Land for Events

By Megan Wild

Leasing land for events can help your farm earn extra money on the side. Here's what you should know.

The Smell of Rain

By Lois Hoffman

Farmers and gardeners rely on rain. It makes a difference when they work the ground, when they plant, when they have free time. So after they plant, they anxiously await the smell of rain.

Community Gardening and Paying it Forward

By Mary Niehaus Ralles

What do you do when it's time to start your garden but you might not be there for the harvest?