Farm and Garden

Plants and produce from rural America

Raised Bed Garden Project 2016-17 — Part 7

By Allan Douglas

The final episode of my raised bed garden conversion project.

Harvesting and Preserving

By Nebraska Dave

Harvesting and preserving the August garden.

Neglected Rocky Nightmare Transformation

By Loretta Liefveld

Turning neglected, rocky lawns into an oasis of plants.

How to Efficiently Clear Your Land

By Megan Wild

If you've just acquired land for homesteading, check out these tips for clearing your land!


How to Transition from Hobby Farming to Business Farming

By Bobbi Peterson

Transitioning from hobby farming to business farming is a monumental step, but it also comes with risks and pitfalls.

Raised Beds a Necessity

By Jennifer Quinn

With the high water table on my property, I’ve found raised beds to be a necessity in much of my garden.

Better Biodiversity

By the GRIT Staff

Better grassland management methods increase biodiversity.

Organic Gardening Course

By the GRIT Staff

Join in an organic gardening course for some DIY info.