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| 6/30/2012 12:06:37 AM

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A photo of DianeAccording to my mother, there are two types of worms: (1) men (sometimes – subject to an astute woman’s definition) and (b) ground-dwelling.

She may have had more experience with #1 but I can readily claim FAR more experience with  #2.

I never thought much about worms until gardening-fanatic Bill came along. Worms were worms. They lived in the soil. End of story. The fact that some people thought enough about them to produce actual books on the matter only pointed to obsession and an obvious need for psychotherapy.

But Bill’s single-handled discovery of a Night Crawler in our backyard changed EVERYTHING.

For those not in the know, the Night Crawler has a dark-colored head and a pale ‘tail’ (if you can think of a straight line as having a tail – the Night Crawler at least has the lock on the ‘tail’ piece in Earthworm Country through its clever color change). They are BIG boys. African Night Crawlers can get to 4-8 inches long. (So if you harbor a secret Worm Fear, do NOT visit Africa!) 

 Night Crawler

7/3/2012 1:17:26 AM

Diane, can you send me some? My new garden seems to be completely void of the wiggling little buggers. I think perhaps the wild turkeys keep them cleaned out. They are great foragers. A little too great. They have taken to chewing the tops off the sweet corn and scratching the seeds out of the ground. You would think they would know that if they only waiting a few weeks that they could gorge themselves on sweet corn. Stupid birds. Have a great worm day.

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