Why the Good Life Is So Bad

| 10/29/2015 1:58:00 PM

Jamie Cearley, PhDGoodLife_1

"All sunshine makes a desert." Arab proverb

Everyone knows someone who seems to have it all. Yet, many times we don’t really care for these people. Parents in particular seem to have a hard time these days allowing their children to suffer, do without, wait, or experience pain in any form. Ironically, their efforts to spare any discomfort during childhood backfire when the child reaches adulthood unable to cope with the realities of life, resulting in immeasurable pain. Yes, indeed the good life turns out to be pretty unpleasant in the end.

Here’s why:

Like most farms, ours has a large pile of poop.

No, I have not just completely abandoned the topic, stick with me.

11/1/2015 9:22:09 AM

Jamie, I like your evaluation of poop-a-lopes to the culture we live in. It's so true that especially in the urban environment that I live in, people have all that they want and still want more. In the quest for giving children a better life than what the parents had, the character of earning things has been lost. Entitled children are turning into entitled adults. Work ethics have been lost to some degree and long term responsibilities have suffered. I agree that too much of the good life is not necessarily a good thing. ***** Have a good life day.