When a Tree Falls: Tree Risks on Your Rural Property

| 11/13/2011 2:51:28 PM

fallenaldertreeWell, we had an exciting afternoon recently! 

When you live in the forest, you get used to falling trees and branches flying around when the wind picks up, but we recently had a day that was a bit more dramatic than usual.

A storm blew through one afternoon last week from the north - a very unusual direction for our little protected hollow tucked between two hills.  Needless to say, our trees aren't really used to a breeze from that direction, and one showed a particular weakness. 

I was inside working and kept hearing a loud "CRACK", every 30 seconds or so when the wind gusted. 

Then it got louder. 

And louder.

Victoria Gazeley
1/28/2012 8:21:39 PM

I agree! As for my son (no worries... he needed a haircut badly!), he does love doing videos... :) I'll let him know you thought he did a good job. Thanks!

Nebraska Dave
11/15/2011 7:29:33 PM

Victoria, I'm with logger Dad. If the tree is on the ground, I can and will deal with it, but I'm just not to comfortable about cutting down a large tree. Smaller ones are OK, but the big mature trees are best left to those that have the proper equipment. I've heard about too many deaths due to falling trees. They are unpredictable when they fall. I've done a lot of tree work after the hurricanes in Louisiana and Texas but staid far away when the tree arborists in the group had to fell a tree. My mama didn't raise no dummy. I think you are raising news reporter. She really knows how to keep the viewer's attention while reporting the damage done by the weather. I think your daughter has a real knack for it. Have a great cleanup day.