What's Shakin' Bacon?

| 2/13/2012 9:55:04 AM

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Spring may not officially be here yet, but ANS Farms already has several new arrivals and lots of activity to talk about! We are now on the brink of our busiest time of year. Tomorrow Andrew will be hauling our two Poland x Chester cross barrows to slaughter. They have been housed with our Poland China boar Boss Hog and Bacon, my parents' Poland x chester cross gilt. The four of them have spent the last several months in Garden #1 plowing and tilling up the ground. Their job is now complete, and once Pork Chop and Sausage have gone to the slaughter house tomorrow, Boss Hog and Bacon will head back to Garden #2 to clean up our winter garden mess. Here are Pork Chop and Sausage, two of the happiest little feeder pigs you will ever meet.

  Pork Chop and Sausage 

Our two young gilts, Ellie May (Poland China) and Daisy Duke (Poland x York), are now old enough to be in with Boss Hog. Once we get Boss and Bacon moved into Garden #2, the girls will join them. They have spent the last three months in our melon patch cleaning up. Hopefully, all three girls will deliver our first piglet litters sometime late spring/early summer. Here is Ellie May posing for the camera.

   Ellie May the Poland China gilt 

Here is a shot of Daisy Duke. When we first got her, her entire waist and bottom was grey and her body pink. She looked like she had pulled on a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, hence the name. Believe it or not, both of these girls were born the same week!

 Daisy Duke the hog 

suzanne cox
2/17/2012 6:33:13 AM

No problem Dave! Hope you have good luck with them. They sure did well in our fall garden, but we had a very mild winter this year so far. Most of ours matured to golf ball size or slightly larger. Even the biggest ones were sweet and spicy, not like most radishes. And I do love the Baker Creek catalog! Very attractive, and a nice read considering it's a seed catalog. LOL.

nebraska dave
2/15/2012 4:03:08 AM

Suzanne, I was able to aquire one of the Baker Creek catalogs this year. It's the most awesome catalog I've been able to put my hands on. I found the radish in question on page 91. I'm going to order up some and see what happens. Thanks for the information.

suzanne cox
2/15/2012 3:19:43 AM

Hey Dave! Try Bakers Creek Seed Company. They are sold under the name "Chinese Red Radish" there. I think Burgess and Henry Fields sells them as well, but I can't remember if they are listed as watermelon, or Chinese? They are both the same thing though! Super pretty, and excellent on salads. Good luck! Suzanne

nebraska dave
2/14/2012 10:52:10 PM

Suzanne, life on the farm is never dull, is it? I didn't know that guard donkey's got grouchy when pregnant. Those watermelon radishes look quite interesting. I may have to search out a seed source to plant some. My radishes last year turned into all top and no radish. I think the soil nitrogen was a little too rich. I was glad to hear that you at least got one turkey for all your effort. Raising animals can be a disappointing thing. It's a constant concern about safety and protection from predators and the natural elements. I just enjoy the wildlife and don't really try to have any domesticated animals. Have a great day.

suzanne cox
2/14/2012 9:45:17 PM

Cheryl these donkey girls were the PERFECT guardians until mid-way into their pregnancies. I have read on it since breeding them, and apparhently this is a fairly common behavior for bred girls. I guess they are that much like us! LOL. Wish I had read that before breeding them, but that's just one more lesson learned the hard way! We will update after they give birth (they're due in July/August) and let everyone know. Of coarse, then they will have young babies and we may not see them return to their "normal" selves until after they babies are weaned... guess it's just a waiting game!

cheryl aker
2/14/2012 5:28:29 PM

Congrats on your successful hatchings and the new pups! I hope you'll follow up on the donkey situation later. We've been reading about guard donkeys and I'm curious to hear if they settle down. A Wanna Be Pioneer http://www.grit.com/blogs/blog.aspx?blogid=4294967729

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