What's Bugging Your Garden Borers and Soil Pests

| 7/7/2013 10:38:47 AM

What’s Bugging Your Garden 

Borers and Soil Pests 

Borers are either grubs (that become beetles) or caterpillars (the larvae of moths) that feed inside stems.  Some borers eat the tissue of swelling buds and fruits; others attack roots or stems.  Here are the ones found in most home gardens.

European corn borers are flesh-colored caterpillars up to 1 inch long with rows of round brown spots.  The adult moth has a 1 inch wingspan and is yellow-brown with wavy dark bands.  Caterpillars first eat holes into the leaves and then bore into the stalks and ears.  Bent stalks and casting outside of tiny holes in the stalk indicate that borers are at work.  The corn borer is the most destructive corn pest known.  The female moth lays about 400 eggs on the underside of corn leaves; the caterpillars hatch in about a week and winter in old stalks left in the garden.  It is found almost everywhere in the United States.

 European corn borer

European corn borer     Photo courtesy OrganicGardenInfo.com 

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