Gravity-fed Watering System Update

| 5/28/2010 2:07:25 PM

A photo of Nebraska DaveHey everyone. I hope all is well with you and all your experiences in growing or raising animals are good ones. As with any ranch, repairs need to be done on occasion. Of course everyone knows this is a car muffler. My daughter has issues with the exhaust on her car. As it goes old Dad is good at fixing issues. So here the band that holds the muffler to the car is being bolted onto the muffler in preparation to attach the muffler to the exhaust system. All has been installed and the exhaust has once more been tamed and all is much quieter around the ranch.

Old Dave working on muffler

This week was a week of reflections. My Mother-in-law moved from a rented house to a rented apartment. As I mowed the grass for the last time at the house, I couldn't help but reflect on the memories over the five years she had lived there.

Old Dave working on fence

The fence that we built was the first major project on the property. It took a couple weeks to plant the posts and install the panels. It was a great addition to the property.

Patio of mother-in-law

Nebraska Dave
6/1/2010 4:31:51 PM

Pam, the word gets out quickly among single women there is a man that has a truck to haul things and can fix minor things around the house and all that is required for payment is apple pie. It’s not hard to keep a supply of apple pies in my freezer. The pies don’t even have to be home made. They can be bought from the store or they can make payment in apple cobbler. It’s known across the community that I really do work for food. I’m not sure about how things are going to work out with the Mother-in-law. Apartment living is quite different from single house dwelling. She can see like a hawk, hear the slightest sound, and smell the faintest odor. All that put together doesn’t fit with apartment living. I am so envious with corn tasseling. Here in Nebraska the corn is considered right on schedule if it’s knee high by the fourth of July. The short season local sweet corn starts coming into the farmer’s markets toward the end of July. My garden is growing really fast as well. The potatoes are a good two feet tall and the cucumbers have gone from about an inch to several in one week. The tomatoes, peppers, and onions are doing great. Now if I can just keep the wild life from munching down the succulent little plants I’ll be on the way to a great harvest. My beans aren’t even above ground yet let alone ready to pick. I hope you have a great harvest this year. I hope to get the watering system part way functioning before leaving on a short trip.

Nebraska Dave
6/1/2010 4:15:01 PM

Shannon, I actually amaze myself at times because growing up my Dad can attest to the fact that I was the most unhandy farmer’s son in the county. I had the muscles but not enough wisdom and ended up always putting too much muscle on what ever I did which ended up in broken. The last visit to see my Dad he had a project to fix on a motor home water system for my sister which I easily fixed. He couldn’t believe that had come up with a solution so easy and quick. I guess I’ve picked up a few things along the path of life. It just happened to take sixty years before they started being useful. I still don’t usually do things the easy way or the best way and always over engineer before the project gets completed. It takes more work than it should and more money than is necessary but it will stand the test of time. I have some issues with the big supply tank and will posting about the fix for it soon. How do you fix a hole in the side of the tank as big as a fist with rust on the edges? Stay tuned and see if a solution can be found.

6/1/2010 2:26:23 PM

Oh yes. Our 2 grown sons still bring things for their Dad to fix here also. It is wonderful that you, my husband and other Dads(and Moms) are so handy! I hope your Mother-in-law adjusts well to her new place and the new memories have started already. Your water system is really coming along. I can't wait to see more. I'll have to show my husband. He loves to build and would find your water system interesting. Good luck with your gardening. Ours is growing like crazy with the rain showers lately. I should have Roma green beans ready to pick in a few days. The corn is tousling out already. You are right, it won't be long now. Have a great day. Pam

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