Worm Poop, Kale and Hammered Turnip Greens

| 6/9/2014 10:27:00 AM

BN HeardMy family and I love going to the Farmers' Market each Saturday morning in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We get a cup of coffee, study folks’ dogs and buy things we can’t live without like boiled peanuts.

The Williamsburg Farmers Market is a wonderful place to study people, plants and poop. That’s right – poop! My gardening is limited to growing stuff in pots, but I still take every opportunity I can to learn new things.

Worm Poop
Selling Worm Poop at the Williamsburg (Virginia) Farmers' Market

On this particular morning, I studied the “Worm Poop” that the folks from the Moose Hill Worm Farm sell. The “Worm Farmer,” Bill Clark, used to be an air traffic controller, so it makes perfectly good sense to me that he transitioned into worm farming in Gloucester, Virginia.

Doesn’t it to you?

Mr. Clark, or perhaps it would be better to say, Mr. Clark’s worms produce worm poop that he sells as a soil amendment rich in all kinds of nutrients. Evidently, these worm castings help plants suck in all the essential things they need to grow bigger and faster and prettier.