Why a CSA?

| 5/15/2018 9:48:00 AM

KellyThe idea of community supported agriculture is not new, but is becoming increasingly more popular. As the farm-to-form movement continues to grow, small-scale farmers are finding success in the CSA model.

Is it right for you? And what are the benefits and pitfalls? These are my own thoughts and opinions but perhaps I can give you a little guidance.

If you're asking, "What is a CSA?" let me briefly explain. In return for the cost of a monthly "share" and a mutually agreed-upon pickup location, members receive a weekly delivery of a farm's produce.

Often there are also add-on items such as herbs, flowers, or additional products that the farmer makes from his or her other farm products. What is offered in the weekly share can and will differ as the seasons change, which adds to the fun of the shared-risk venture.

Whoa... wait... I said "risk." Yes, this is a shared-risk investment. As everyone knows farms are not immune to the whims of Mother Nature. What a farm promises in their share may not grow due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Or perhaps, enough didn't grow to fulfill everyone's share. Usually, the farmer will substitute with an equally valuable product but sometimes even the backup pickings can be slim. This is the shared-risk a member understands.