Where Are The Ripe Tomatoes?

| 7/27/2015 11:46:00 AM

Ginnie BakerIt’s the end of July and I can’t remember a year like this when I haven’t picked one ripe tomato yet! The plants don’t look too great; they’re short and a little bushy but they do have green tomatoes.

Normally, the plants are as tall as the stakes – about 4 to 5 feet tall. Sadly, not this year! Popular chef Mario Batali said that the best tomatoes are the ones that ripen in August.

We’ll see if he’s right!


One person told me that his garden was so bad, he just mowed over it and will wait for next year.

Meanwhile, the squash plants are hale and hearty. I planted them late so they are just now producing zucchini, both green and yellow, and the cucumbers are also doing well with late planting.

8/1/2015 5:37:49 PM

Don't feel bad! I have only had lettuce and greens till now and it's Aug. 1. I did find a zucchini today but those would grow even in a nuclear war. Meanwhile I am enjoying tomatoes from the farmers market which are grown in south Illinois, which has been a bit warmer and dryer than north Illinois. It's a test of patience for us, I guess!