Sow Sow and Sow Again

| 4/25/2014 9:17:00 AM

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Life on Itzy Bitzy FarmIt is beginning to feel like Spring here in North Carolina, and we have finally gotten into some much needed heat. Most vegetable plants thrive in warm if not even hot temperatures, so it is wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun and see the seedlings bursting forth with the hope of fresh veggies. 


When I was farming in Massachusetts (Zone 6) and teaching gardening classes, I was surprised that so many people did not know about succession planting, or that they could grow one type of vegetable more than once in a season. Their response to my comments about planting a second batch of peas or green beans or carrots was always one of a puzzled look on their face and a “You plant carrots twice?” shocked question. Being a farmer in North Carolina, Zone 7,  for many years, I am use to growing many plantings of certain crops. A farmer in Zones 7 or 8 can grow three plantings of sweet corn, two plantings of potatoes and about six plantings of green beans, if you utilize succession planting.


It is important for home gardeners, whether novice or experienced, to know your growing zone. This is easy to find and is a tremendous help in learning what you can grow and which varieties of each veggie is best for your planting season.

Here is where you can find your agricultural zone by simply entering your zip code.

4/29/2014 10:14:31 PM

Hope you try it again Dave, it is great fun and really does bring in early veggies. Happy Spring, Susan

4/26/2014 8:32:08 AM

Susan, I only tried fall planting once and it was mesclun greens which turned out wonderfully well. They turned out wonderfully well. Unfortunately, right at the time when I should be working the garden for fall planting is when all the activity for back to school for the grandson so time is at a premium. I'm going to make an attempt to do some fall planting again this year so hopefully more experience will be happening this year. Have a great succession planting day.

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