Seeds to Plant Right Now for Your Spring Garden

| 3/16/2016 1:34:00 PM

Candi JohnsIf you are itching to get in the dirt and plant something today it may not be too early. Lettuce, spinach, onions, peas or radishes may be the perfect crop for these cool nights and warmer days.  

It's too early for tomatoes around here in Kentucky, but cool season crops can soar right now.

There are many crops you can start right now in your garden in the form of seeds.  

If you've been to my blog, you may know that I grow most of my plants from seeds. Seeds that I stick directly in the ground. In the garden. Where they will grow into big plants that will make me food.

I do.

Why I do this:

3/18/2016 9:22:25 AM

Candi, yes, it's time to plant here in Nebraska as well. We can still get a killing frost until May 15th but it worth a chance to plant the cool weather crops that you are talking about. Some time a replant it necessary but then some tines not. Daffodils are in bloom so let the planting begin. Thanks for all the planting information. May your garden provide a great harvest this year. ***** Have a