Preserving Corn On The Cob In The Freezer

| 9/30/2013 4:29:00 PM

The Texas Pioneer WomanPioneers planted their fields with corn and would care for them as they would for a child, for the corn was a very important crop because it would provide the pioneer family with food to eat as well as fodder for the farm animals.

Summer was a time of hard work for the pioneer family as well as for today’s small family farms. It is a time to harvest the crops in the field in order to preserve the food and store it for winter eating.

Corn Field

Harvested Corn

Although I planted a quite bit of corn in the fields I only harvested a wheelbarrow full. It was a disappointing yield, but it is food nonetheless for our family and fodder for the farm animals.

Stalks at the gate

10/2/2013 7:47:27 PM

TPW, my corn harvest was puny as well this year. Not because it didn't grow but because the deer and raccoons ravished the patch. I picked some corn but it wasn't really ready to be picked. I will still eat it but it isn't at the peak of taste. If I had waited just another couple days nothing would have been left. I am really trying to complete a seven foot wooden fence to keep the corn loving critters out. Life has a way of interfering with my garden projects so it will be a dash to the finish as there's only two more weeks before the first frost of the season. Have a great sweet corn processing day.