Gardening Is In My Blood

| 4/21/2014 11:26:00 AM

Ginnie BakerI look forward to my vegetable garden each year.

The garden catalogs have been arriving since January, ready for me to plan my 2014 garden.

As I open each catalog, I feel as excited as I did as a kid when the Sears catalog would arrive at Thanksgiving, and I’d sit and pour through the book, planning my “wish list” for Christmas!

I’m convinced that gardening and canning the fruits of the garden are in my blood.

My grandfather always had a large garden, growing tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, onions, potatoes, green and yellow beans, cucumbers and cabbage for sauerkraut. We’re Austrian-Hungarian and sauerkraut was a staple for New Year's with pork that my grandpa and his brothers cured each year. He also had pear, plum and apple trees for delicious fruits.

While Grandpa grew the vegetables and fruit, my grandmother would do all the canning, preserving everything for the winter.