Try GRIT’s Food Garden Planner!

| 8/26/2013 2:32:00 PM

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Your garden looks fantastic, and the bountiful harvest has kept you busy these last few weeks. But the goodness is winding down, and you’re looking to the future. Those fall crops are many, and they thrive in the brisk fall temperatures. So as you plan your fall crops – and start thinking about next year’s efforts – take a look at Grit’s Food Garden Planner (

GRIT's Food Garden Planner.

A unique interactive tool for gardeners everywhere, the Garden Planner offers you the digital means to plan that plot of plenty, for this fall, for next year and for years to come. You draw a plot, place the plants where you want them and the program automatically gives each plant the space it needs. All it takes is a click of a mouse or a few key strokes. You save your plans for later reference, rearrange your plots or raised beds as the whim strikes, and you can build on each year’s plans by using the “Follow-on Plan” feature to make your next garden the best it’s ever been. It even indicates the best plan for crop rotation, a feature that helps keep your soil in the best shape possible.

The program gives you planting information based on your location, provides the best plants for your region and details when to plant and when you can expect to harvest. It offers you a choice of a wide variety of plants – vegetables, flowers, bushes, trees – as well as objects found in gardens – fences, greenhouses, cold frames, raised beds and more. You can personalize your plans, just like you personalize your garden space.

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