Make Tough Jobs Easy: Water and Soil Conservation (Video)

Learning how to control water on your farm will aid in soil conservation, helping you preserve two of the most valuable resources on your property.

There are many ways to conserve water and control soil erosion on your farm at the same time. Berms, Terraces, and ponds are just a few of the ways you can conserve soil and water with minimal financial investment and actually increase the value and productivity of you land.

On acreage with slight or moderate slopes and light to medium weight soils, raised earthen barriers called berms can be constructed to intercept and contain or divert runoff, which will in turn prevent gully formation and soil loss. Berms are also useful at the base of a waterway to slow and divert the flow over a broader area and can be constructed in such a way that they trap runoff sufficiently long that it will percolate into the soil.

Take good care of your farm’s resources to make the most of what you have while leaving something for future generations.

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