Make Tough Jobs Easy: Permaculture (Video)

Utilizing the outskirts of your property to develop permaculture is a simple strategy that may lead to more diverse harvests and a richer wildlife habitat.

By Hank Will

Permaculture is a good way to utilize the borders and woodlands on your property for specialized crops such as berries, mushrooms, or nuts. Growing these crops will help you diversify your food sources and/or income streams, increase wildlife habitat, and make your property more resilient to changes in the climate or the marketplace.

Ideally trees and shrubs should be planted in the fall after they have become dormant or in the spring before new growth appears. Container or balled and burlap trees with leaves on them can be planted, but will require more care to successfully establish.

Get started now with some permaculture additions to your property and enjoy bountiful harvests for generations to come.