Tough GRIT Episode 25: Hedging Your Bets

In this episode of Tough GRIT, two champions compete to see who will make Mother Nature mind her
manners and who will be a pruning pansy in this backyard beautification brawl to win up to $1000 to Tractor Supply Company.

Maybe you've some trees and shrubs that have taken over your deer plot or a backyard. Maybe your fields are being encroached upon by pesky shrubs and saplings that just keep coming back. Or perhaps you have a hedge that has grown over the edge. In this episode of Tough GRIT, we help you keep your backyard and surrounding property attractive and functional by showing you the best products and the skills you need to do it right — the first time — all the while we have a friendly competition to win up to $1000 to Tractor Supply Company.

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