Toro® XTRA SMART™ Precision™ Soil Moisture Sensor Offers Intelligent Watering

| 4/17/2012 12:14:46 PM

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Stop relying on April showers to bring May flowers. The Toro® XTRA SMART Precision Soil Moisture Sensor can help keep your grass healthy all summer long, while saving you up to 35% in annual irrigation water use.

Toro’s innovative wireless soil sensing technology communicates moisture levels and transmits that data to the sprinkler timer. If a yard is low on water, the sensor tells the system to apply water. Conversely, if water levels are too high, the sensor prevents the sprinkler system from running.

This new technology makes monitoring your soil moisture levels effortless. By automatically calculating your field capacity - or the amount of moisture your soil can hold - homeowners can deliver water to their lawns only when the soil moisture level dips below a desired level.

“Many homeowners overwater their yards and don’t even know it. The XTRA SMART Soil Sensor will keep that from happening,” said Laura Lopez, senior channel manager for Toro Irrigation. “This soil sensing technology really is like the ‘brains for your backyard’.”

The XTRA SMART Soil Sensor features a two-part system - a battery-powered wireless moisture sensor that installs right in your turf, and a receiver that connects to your sprinkler timer, up to 500-feet away, line of sight. When installed properly, the XTRA SMART Soil Sensor can save homeowners up to 35% on their annual irrigation water use. (35% irrigation water savings based on Southwest Florida study comparing an irrigation timer plus soil moisture sensor to a timer alone. Your savings will depend largely on watering schedule and weather variability, especially rainfall: less rain, lower savings; and more rain, higher savings.) 

Toro has adapted this sensor from the same soil sensing technology found at world-class sports venues such as the Rose Bowl Stadium, professional sports fields and championship golf courses. “We’ve taken the same technology found at some of the world’s most inspiring venues and created a sensor intended to give homeowners a yard they can really be proud of,” Lopez added.

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