Tips to Improve the Lawn

Patsy Bell Hobson shares tips to improve the lawn, including the careful use of mulch under trees and shrubs.

| March/April 2007

  • Mulch and lawns
    Using mulch unders shrubs and trees beautifies lawns.

  • Mulch and lawns

Use these helpful tips to improve the lawn.

"Keep mulch 2 to 3 inches away from the base of trees and shrubs and avoid the 'mulch volcano' some landscapers favor — it's the wrong way to use the product or treat a plant," advises Robert LaGasse, executive director of the Mulch & Soil Council. "Piling mulch onto the base of trees and shrubs is a common error. It can cause too much moisture retention, promoting disease and insect infestation in the plants."

More helpful tips to improve the lawn. Nothing upgrades a lawn's appearance faster than attractive organic mulch spread on the bare soil under all trees and shrubs. Spread two to three inches of shredded bark or bark nuggets over all bare soil in garden beds, along fence lines, or under trees.

Occasionally freshen the look of mulch by moving it around. Raking the mulch also moves composted material down into the soil and helps prevent airborne mold and fungus attacks.

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