The Salad Greens Kitchen Garden

| 5/26/2013 3:32:59 PM

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The Salad Greens Kitchen Garden 

There is nothing like a big, bold, colorful salad to enhance meals.  The colors and textures are so eye appealing it can look like a work of art.  Today’s salads don’t have to be the plain lettuce and tomato…unless that’s what you like.  A salad lover’s kitchen garden should also contain different colored sweet peppers, cucumbers, endive, radishes, various types of lettuce, maybe broccoli or cauliflower, radicchio, dandelion, onions, and of course tomatoes. 

There has been a revolution going on in salads for some time now.  Salad lovers have so many greens at their fingertips that it’s hard to know where to start.  You don’t only have to start with lettuce, but now with lettuce blends.  Even a small kitchen garden will let you grow a number of different greens, making it easy to spice up any salad. 

There are growing areas that won’t allow for tomatoes and lettuce to grow at the same time without difficultly.  However, with today’s greens, most of them grow quickly and are ready for harvest in about 6 weeks or less.  There are some varieties that do well, despite the cool-weather reputation. 

For a more complete list of lettuce, greens and other vegetables visit 

Some Lettuce (Crisphead/Iceberg) varieties: 

Great  Lakes  75 days.  This heirloom adds crunch to your salads.  A classic iceberg lettuce.  Use for baby greens also.  Source:  BOT 

Iceberg  85 days.  Light green outer leaves are crinkled and fringed.  The inner leaves are silvery white.  Source:  BAK BURP COM 

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