The Garden Starts with Cleaning out the Barn

| 6/25/2010 3:53:32 PM

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This year's garden really started last fall when we cleaned out the barn.

Cleaning out the barn

as the Light Brahma Rooster and Hen watched...

Light Brahma Rooster and Hen

All the compost went on the garden spot. Over the fall and winter seasons we put leaves on top of the compost.

Adding compost

Della Sinnock_2
8/28/2010 12:45:30 PM

Hi, You have an absolutly LOVELY farm!! One thing I noticed, though, is that your raised beds appear to be made from old railroad ties (please forgive if I am mistaken). The thing about railroad ties is that they are preserved with creosote(?), and when used in the garden can leach it into the soil where it will be taken up by the plants. Creosote is a poison. If these beds are indeed made from old railroad ties, I strongly urge you to dismantle them and have the soil around and in them checked for contamination. Thank you for sharing your beautiful farm with the world, and I sincerely hope that I am wrong about your raised beds. Kind regards, Della :-)

7/14/2010 9:01:24 PM

oh Pam it's a wonderful garden --our tomatoes are just coming on and our beans are just now blooming so we have a ways to go yet. I can't wait to cook a pot full of beans like yours vickie

7/3/2010 5:35:36 PM

Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting me here at Grit. I am sure you will have your garden soon! Thanks Shannon, We just had 2 guinea hens come off the nest.Each with around 15 Keets(baby guineas) a piece. If you were just a little closer I would sure share some with you. Hi Robyn, We do have a long growing season here but we usually have a long dry spell to go with it. This year is the wettest summer in many years. We always have to water the garden! Good luck with your garden. Pam Life on a Southern Farm

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