Thanksgiving 2009

| 12/8/2009 5:01:00 PM

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A Sell Family PortraitI’m sitting here watching my dear husband cut onions for our Thanksgiving meal, wearing these hilarious goggles because the vegetable causes him to cry so bad. Next to me, Elly pretends her slices of apple are ladybugs that can fly over her head. Over the baby monitor, Ethan sleeps deeply and all we hear is the light hum of the fan in his room.

It is Thanksgiving today, and I would like to join the rest of the country in counting my blessings. Counting blessings is not foreign to me. Sometimes, it’s the only way to pick me up on rough days. Other times, it would be criminal not to smile to the heavens and just sigh ... THANK YOU!

Today, however, I’ll make a special consideration for the blessings that have been showered upon us here at the farm.

I think of the work that has been accomplished in the last year. We have come so far and have so far to go. There are so many big things that define moments on a farm.

Getting the last of the feed stored for winter.
Installing new wiring in the outbuildings to allow easier (and safer) access for electrical equipment.
Adding 18 cows to a milking barn in three months.
Getting the hay in just before the big storm.
Planting a garden late, only to see it bloom and flourish anyway.

But I’ve come to realize that though those things are important, and wonderful ... they don’t make the farm what it is.

It’s the people and the animals. It’s the small moments. The kind words. The everyday miracles. The things that are so easily overlooked. The smiles. The wonder. The gift of being able to reach out to people in ways we never thought possible.

Cindy Murphy
12/10/2009 5:43:39 AM

What a beautiful post, Becky. It sounds as if you certainly have been blessed, and have much to be thankful for. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and wishing you continued success in the New Year. ~ Cindy

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