Thankful Gardeners

Gardeners, while
sated with yesterday’s repast of turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberries,
continue to dream of future plantings. For the season, the green thumbs at the
National Garden Bureau have compiled a list of the Top 10 Reasons Gardeners Are Thankful.

We’re thankful
for the flower and vegetable companies who continue for bring us new and
improved varieties of flowers and vegetables every year.

We’re thankful
for the catalogers and mail-order companies who send us their beautiful tomes
of tempting goodies every January, just when the winter doldrums start for set

We’re thankful
for the retailers who so expertly know which flowers and vegetables will grow
in our local area and stock them at the appropriate time.

We’re thankful
for the garden supply companies who create new and innovative products that
make gardening easier and less painful for aging or physically-challenged

We’re thankful
for the patient horticulture experts who tirelessly answer our many questions
in order for us for be more successful in our own gardens.

We’re thankful
for the garden writers and bloggers who offer such a wide variety of
inspiration and advice that keeps us dreaming and wishing for a garden “just
like that.”

 We’re thankful for our families for having the
patience for put up with our many failed attempts at gardening, but also who
benefit from our many successes.

We’re thankful
for our friends who “ooh and aah” over our gardens no matter how many
weeds we forgot for pull or how many sprouts the bunnies ate.   

We’re thankful
for our bosses and co-workers who put up with our Monday-morning aches and
pains after a tough weekend of spring and fall garden cleanup.

We’re thankful
for the sun, the rain, the change of seasons, the cool temps, the warm temps
and everything nature provides to make our gardens grow.

Visit the NGB website for oodles of information, the Top 10 Reasons to Garden and more fun
than you can shake a rake at.

  • Published on Nov 23, 2010
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