The Greenhouse Nears Completion

| 12/15/2014 12:28:00 PM

HISFarmHere is an update of our 60-by-60-by-15-foot deep greenhouse. There were two of us who have worked on this for a year now. It has been quite a bit of work that has been a joy and challenge at the same time.

Winter is Coming

Two weeks ago, we were able to cement the last upright post in place for the greenhouse.

Cold weather, high winds and time restraints have appeared to be winning the battle in getting the roof on and complete before the first big snow.

The last post is cemented in place

We just could not get the last two rows of the roof pulled into place due to the wind. The temperature must be at least 50 F to set these 66-foot-long panels into place. Too cold or too hot, and the tension will not be correct once it is completed.

12/18/2014 6:28:22 PM

I have been thinking about a Walapini for a few months. I live on a 60 acre farm in Ky. But I have been thinking about quitting my job selling my cattle and the farm and moving to 15 acres that I inherited from my Dad.just have an underground greenhouse some chickens 2 hefiers and a bull and live a simpler life. Jeff Strange