Sustainable Homes and Permaculture Principles

| 10/25/2013 4:37:00 PM

HISFarmSustainable homes and permaculture principles go hand in hand. As many people are looking to sustainability and the environment for a more peaceful life, permaculture (permanent culture) principles simplify the creation of a sustainable home. Many people are looking at specific parts of permaculture for their homestead or their urban home.

Sustainable home

Living off of the grid to keep from losing their electricity during a storm or other outage is another aspect of a sustainable home.  A sustainable home is what you make it.  Using permaculture principles makes that life easier to maintain once it is set up.

What are some of the permaculture principles?

The definition by some practitioners of permaculture state three principles, they are usually stated as Care for the Earth, the People and the Future.

But how do you get to discover the ways to achieve those three principles?

10/26/2013 11:38:17 AM

Chris, awesome steps to be in harmony with life. Once the understanding about living is not about conquering and managing the world around us, life can indeed be a joyous journey. In my little part of the world, where gardening is being cultivated, my goal is to live with wild life and not to eliminate it for more harvest. The first two years have been challenging but I'm learning how it can be done. Abundance doesn't necessarily come from material things in life. ***** Thanks for a great post about permaculture principles. Have a great permaculture day.