Sunny Solar Power Weekend Project to Electrify Your Outbuildings

| 6/11/2018 8:41:00 AM

Michele CookSheds and outbuildings are essential equipment on farms and homesteads throughout the country. They are great for storing equipment, keeping materials dry, and creating a dry comfortable workspace.

Add electricity, and you can run your power tools and find everything in the dark. If you want electric in your shed or outbuilding you can run conventional electricity or you can make your own.

Solar power is the perfect choice for your shed or outbuilding. Small solar setups are cost efficient to install, and of course you won't see a bump in your power bill when you leave the light on in the shed all night (*raises hand* so guilty).

Photo by Flikr/Andrew Magill.

Comparing Costs: Solar Power vs Conventional Electricity

One of the biggest reasons to choose solar over conventional electric is the cost. In most cases, you can create a small solar set up to power your small shed or outbuilding much cheaper than running conventional electric. To know if this is true at your house, you are going to have to compare the installation cost of solar vs conventional electricity.

Things to consider:

  • Distance from the current power source to your outbuilding
  • Amount of electricity required to power your outbuilding
  • Permitting required by your local government body
  • Cost of a professional electrician (if required)

The farther from your current power source your shed is, the more expensive it will be to run electric. Everything from the amount of cable you need to the size of cable will be determined by the distance.