How to Prepare Your Cabin for Winter

| 8/16/2016 4:33:00 PM

Megan Wild

How to Prepare Your Cabin for Winter

A gentle breeze rustles through the trees. Stars fill up the sky. An owl hoots in the stillness. Experiences at your cabin are unmatched by anything that happens at your year-round home. Unfortunately, it’s time to start thinking about preparing the cottage for the winter.

Though it’s a little sad to close up your haven, you need to be thorough. You want the cabin in great condition inside and out when you come back next year. Check out the following list for shutdown advice that’ll protect your home away from home.

Deck overlooking mountain
Photo: Pexels

Up Top

Make sure your roof is ready for winter:

• Check shingles and flashing caulk, and repair damaged areas.