My First Hugelkultur Bed

| 11/16/2015 4:24:00 PM

Jennifer QuinnHugel bed stage 6

It’s finally time to share my first effort at hugelkultur—building raised beds with rotting wood and other materials.

I started with a 4 X 12 foot bed that was already surrounded with landscape timbers. I especially wanted to build a hugelkultur bed here because the underlying soil was extremely wet and choked with plants like nut sedge and slender rush, which are nearly impossible to get rid of.

For the bottom layer I put down a few rotting sticks and strips of wood, along with already rotted wood that I dug out of an old wood pile. (Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this.) I followed this with more old wood, including lichen-covered branches and twigs from a dead tree.

Hugel bed stage 1

I covered that with partially-composted chicken litter, then with a pile of seed-free weed and grass cuttings, followed by more nearly finished compost. I think I added some greensand here—at least I hope I did, because I meant to!