Fixing Up the House

| 5/19/2015 2:52:00 PM

Jennifer QuinnI mentioned earlier that I bought the house at Panther’s Hollow with all the previous owner’s junk in it. He had passed away suddenly, and they say his widow took off the day he died and never returned. The refrigerator was still running and full of food when I took possession, as was a large free-standing freezer. The place was a mess, with clutter everywhere, things dropped in the corners and candy stuck to the floor. On the sink was a moldy tray of brownies with one brownie removed. The place had a smell (or several smells) to it, and in the process of clearing out unwanted furniture I discovered one reason: a dead rat plastered on the floor underneath!

But I can’t really complain about all that because along with the junk there were many things I could use, some of which I really needed. Here’s a partial list:

– furniture including a sturdy dining room table and chairs, a coffee table, a computer desk, other small tables and a large bookcase;

– a shop vac;

– an assortment of dishes, cutlery, crockery, knives, tools, electrical supplies, and other household items;

– a multitude of buckets, plant pots and bits of fencing material;