Easy Fall Improvements for Your Barn

| 11/17/2016 9:36:00 AM

Megan WildHow great was the barn-raising scene in the classic Harrison Ford flick, Witness? Aside from being a wonderful glimpse into this community, it was fun to watch that structure go up in a day — but then they tore it back down once filming was completed.

You likely aren’t going to be tearing your barn down anytime soon, so fall can be the perfect time to make some improvements to it. Before the weather gets too cold, here are some ways to improve your barn:

Source: Unsplash

Take out the Clutter

It is too easy for a barn to become another storage unit for your family. Even with animals, there always seems to be an empty stall or hay loft that becomes a drop-off zone for all the unwanted clutter from your home.

Before you make any significant improvements on the barn, you should get rid of all that clutter. Keep what you need, but trash the rest. Whatever is leftover should be neatly organized in storage bins and up on shelves. Not only will this look better, but it will also reduce fire risk.

Put up Solar Panels

A barn roof is the perfect place to install solar panels. The power you generate from this installation won't just be going to power the barn, either — it will go to your entire property.