How to Build a House With Cob

Learn how to build earth homes using cob building techniques.

| July/August 2015

Earth Home

Build benches, shelves and nooks right into the structure of your earth home.

Photo by Melissa West

Before friends come to visit our house for the first time, I try to prepare them. There’s the long, muddy driveway and the lack of cell-phone service along the way. Then there’s the endless forest and resident bear that might be around. Finally, there’s the house itself.

“We live in a cob house,” I begin.

“A what?” my friend will ask. “You live in a house made of corn cobs?”

I laugh. “Not corn cobs,” I explain. “Cob is the name of a natural building material. My house is made out of sand, clay dirt, and straw.”

Not much further into our conversation, he seems to understand. “So, basically, you live in a mud house,” he summarizes.

“Basically,” I agree.

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