How to Build a House With Cob

Learn how to build earth homes using cob building techniques.

| July/August 2015

Before friends come to visit our house for the first time, I try to prepare them. There’s the long, muddy driveway and the lack of cell-phone service along the way. Then there’s the endless forest and resident bear that might be around. Finally, there’s the house itself.

“We live in a cob house,” I begin.

“A what?” my friend will ask. “You live in a house made of corn cobs?”

I laugh. “Not corn cobs,” I explain. “Cob is the name of a natural building material. My house is made out of sand, clay dirt, and straw.”

Not much further into our conversation, he seems to understand. “So, basically, you live in a mud house,” he summarizes.

“Basically,” I agree.

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