Seed Savers and Home Canning

Become seed savers with garden seeds, protect your garden from pests, and create a hoop house to grow more and later in the season.

| July 2013

  • Cupping Valuable Seeds in Hand
    Sow a few of your saved seeds for a new crop next year. Danil

  • Cupping Valuable Seeds in Hand

Your garden’s thriving, and you’re starting to think about preserving the bounty and what’s going to happen next year. Take a moment to learn about seed-saving techniques from a fellow gardener, and then read about canning methods in The Farmer’s Wife Canning and Preserving Cookbook. Get rid of those garden pests plaguing your plants with advice from Karen, and then build a new hoop house to help you extend the growing season. After you harvest the sweet corn, treat your family to Avocado Corn Salad. Suzanne, from her perspective as a farmer, offers a few tidbits in “Things I Never Knew About Farming,” and Callene writes about the basics of summer livestock management. Don’t forget to check out the new chicks in our office brooder via a LIVE webcam; you’ll be glad you did. Then learn about pesticides and household chemicals and how to handle them in a blog post for TOUGH GRIT Hints From Hank Will, and watch the repeat TOUGH GRIT episode on boomsprayers.

Seed Savers and Home Canning

What you need to know about vegetable seed saving.  

What’s bugging your garden? Karen has some ideas.  

Build this great retractable PVC hoop house.  

Sweet corn ready? Try this Avocado Corn Salad recipe.  

The basics of canning are covered in this trusted cookbook.  

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