Rough Fleabane in a Pinch

| 5/18/2017 11:34:00 AM

Lyssa McKenry 

Rough Fleabane3

Did you know this plant receives its name from an old superstition that dried bundles of the plant could repel fleas from a home? Unfortunately the superstition is not true, but it does have some interesting qualities that would be helpful when trying to live off the land.

I feel bad for the weeds we have growing around our neck of the woods. It seems weeds always get a bad rap whether they are growing in the garden, pasture or yard; people just want to eradicate them.

It seems like maybe we should focus on the positive aspect of weeds (at least for a few moments prior to spraying them with herbicide…).

Rough fleabane is common in all parts of North America. The little white and blue “furry” flower usually makes its home alongside roads and fences. I’m sure you have seen it around.